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What is the deal with the Git Index? What is the Git Index?

The git "index" is where you place files you want committed to the git repository. Learn more about the git index and git commit by selecting this link.

Temporarily Stashing Your Work

Git Stash is used when you want to record the current state of the working directory and index, without committing, to come back to complete later.

Shared Repositories Should Be Bare Repositories

Bare Repositories - When creating a central repository that will be shared by other users, the repositories should be created with the --bare option.

How to Recover a Deleted File From a Git Repository

Recovering a deleted file from the git repository is easy if you know the method and commands. This short tutorial walks you through the process.

Git Mergetool – Merging With a GUI

Using Git Mergetool, git can work with a large number of GUI tools for helping with merging. A couple of popular GUI tools used on Linux are kdiff3 and meld.

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