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How to Recover a Deleted File From a Git Repository

Recovering a deleted file from the git repository is easy if you know the method and commands. This short tutorial walks you through the process.

How to Add a New Commit To The Git Object Store

This posting shows you how to create a sample working directory and place it into the git object store. Full details and commands are explained.

Git Object Store: Creating the Sample Working Directory

The instructions below show how the files and directories were created and added to the git object store that is discussed in the tutorial "Git object: Tree."

Git Mergetool – Merging With a GUI

Using Git Mergetool, git can work with a large number of GUI tools for helping with merging. A couple of popular GUI tools used on Linux are kdiff3 and meld.

Git Commits And Referring To Commits | GitGuys

Commands discussed in this section are git commit, git log, and git show. When you use the git commit command to commit/check-in/submit to the git repository:

Creating And Playing With Branches – Git Branch

Using Git Branch, you can create your own branches and jump between branches as if git was built from the ground-up for a great branching experience (yes, it was).

Creating a Shared Repository – Users Sharing The Repository

In these examples, the other users of the shared repository will not be very remote since the repository will be on the same disk as the users' home directories.

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