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Creating And Playing With Branches – Git Branch

Using Git Branch, you can create your own branches and jump between branches as if git was built from the ground-up for a great branching experience (yes, it was).

Creating a Shared Repository – Users Sharing The Repository

In these examples, the other users of the shared repository will not be very remote since the repository will be on the same disk as the users' home directories.

Adding and Removing Remote Branches

Adding and removing remote branches using git branch is explained in this tutorial. Click on this link to learn more about using git branch with remote branches.

About GitGuys

GitGuys was created by The Git Guys: Tim Flagg and Matthew R. Laue, founders of Akiri Solutions to provide a place for learning git.

8 Reasons for Switching to Git

Switching to Git can decrease the time required for managing your code base, increased time for coding. Git automates many of the tasks that you need to do while managing your code, saving you time.

Git Glossary

Common Ancestor When merging a file with conflicts: The version of the file that current and other branches originated from. Dirty working directory If files have been updated in the working directory after they were updated in the index then the working directory is considered "dirty". The working

Git Object: Tag | Git Tag

A git tag can be used to give a name to a git commit . We show how to tag the current state as, say, "1.0beta". The tag includes:

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