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Git Repositories – Just Tell Me What I need to Git Going!

Most of the time, you will likely use just a handful of git commands: git add to tell git this file is ready to be committed to the git repository.

Git Diff Command Explained

See how the git diff command can be used to show you the difference between the version of a file in the working directory, index and most recent commit.

The Configuration File – “remote” Section – Git Config

In this tutorial you get dirty and find out what is really going on with git conf by exploring in the .git/config file by using the git remote commands.

Git Merge – Merging Branches Without Conflict

Examples of when would you might want to merge branches using git merge are explained in detail in this tutorial. 30+ additional, free tutorials available.

Git Object: tree

A git tree object is very similar to a filesystem directory. Filesystem directories refer to other directories and files, while git trees refer to other git trees and git blobs:

The Configuration File – “Branch” Section

Git Branch - Let's look at the config file for the git client that did the git clone git://repohost/project1.git in the Git Remotes Behind the Scenes.

Git Remotes: Fun Commands You Can Use

Git Remote commands and examples for their use on GitGuys Git Tutorials.

Git rm – Remove a file from source control without deleting it

Use the --cached option git rm to remvoe a file from source git source control without deleting it form your hard drive. Learn about git on

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